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2 Layer Engraved and Hand Painted Mahjong Tiles (9 Colors)

12 Fabulous Different Colors Availabe  Exquisite Hand-Painted, Hand-Engraved great quality Tiles!  


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2 Layer Engraved and Hand Painted Mahjong Tiles (9 Colors)


Gorgeous 2 layer tiles in many colors to choose from with the unique, distinct and beautiful hand painted faces (4 color soap tiles, unique Flowers and Dragons).

Dimension of the tiles are:
1 3/16″ high, 7/8″ wide, 1/2″ deep.

This Two Layer Name Tile Set has 166 tiles, including 8  “Joker Tiles”, 4 extra flower tiles, and 2 blank tiles, and 8 optional Personalized Joker Tiles”.

We can customize the Jokers for $8.00 per tile, $48.00 total.   We recommed you get the tile set first and then let us know how you want the Jokers customized. Once we have customized the Jokers, you cannot return the set.

Please note that the dye lots for the plastic and ink vary.  Some color shades may be slightly darker or lighter.


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Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Tangerine, Baby Pink, Dark Pink, Mauve, Purple, Lavender, Black, Turquoise, Dark Yellow