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Light Wood Automatic Mah Jongg Table

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Light Wood Automatic Mah Jongg Table

SKU E08 Category


A light color Automatic Mahjong Table with a wicker accent. The cover has a layer of wood grain formica which allows the table to be used as an everyday general pupose table. Makes a perfect dining table.

The table includes 2 sets of Authentic American Mah Jongg tiles.  Each set of tiles (one yellow and one blue) includes of 152 pcs, including flowers dragons and jokers.

This machine is built using Versatile Machinery’s own version of six “Six Sigma” industry standards to assure product quality.
The machine warranty is for 1 year, with a free replacement including shipping if we are unable to correct the problem over the telephone or using video support. Each table goes through our own quality assurance program to ensure perfection. Order Now!

Please note: There is a $275 shipping fee on all tables.

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