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Mah Jongg II

Mah Jongg II


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Mah Jongg II


“Mah Jongg Two” is the second manual in the “Let’s Play Mah Jong!” series.  A modified version for the player who may prefer
a more relaxed game, yet, one which will continue to challenge their skill.

The format and content of  “Mah Jongg Two”  is comprised of the old and the new, following ancient methods and rules for playing, and combining methods and rules used today.
The object of the game is to have FUN!

Contents include: Easy rules, Tips on playing, No-No’s, simple scoring, novel hands, playing with Jokers and more!

Please note, this book is NOT for American Mah Jongg that is played with the card issued by the National Mah Jongg League.


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Mahjongg started in China and is typically played with four game players.

Despite the fact that the game incorporates a bit of chance, it likewise requires skill, strategy and calculation.

The game utilizes 144 tiles having every player launching with 13 tiles.

Simples tiles consist of dots, bamboo and characters.
Honors tiles consist of Winds and Dragons.
Flowers and Seasons are bonus tiles.

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