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2 Layer Mediterranean Blue Sparkle Mahjong Tile set


2 Layer Mediterranean Blue Sparkle Mahjong Tile set


You will love the look and feel of these tiles and they come with our Mah Jongg Maven unique hand painted faces (4 color soaps, pretty flowers, unique dragons and colorful dots)

You can also customize your 8 Jokers with these sets.

These 2 Layer Sparkle sets have 166 tiles, including 8  “Joker Tiles”, 4 extra flower tiles, and 2 blank tiles, and 8 optional Personalized Joker Tiles”.   Perfect for American Mah Jongg and standard size tiles, they measure:  30*23*13 mm

We will PERSONALIZE (suggested limit of seven letters) your name or initials on the 8 optional ADDITIONAL  “Joker Tiles” for $6.00 /tile $48.00.    We can match the ink to the color of. the Sparkle tile you choose or Red if you prefer.  Names will be written  diagonally from top left to bottom right in all capital letters.  For other requests, please call 888-860-1981.

Please note that the dye lots for the plastic and ink vary.  Some color shades may be slightly darker or lighter.  WE SUGGEST THAT YOU ORDER THE PERSONALIZED JOKERS AFTER YOU RECIEVE THE TILES.  This way we can accept a return of the set (once we do the Jokers that match the dyelot, we cannot take it back). 


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