Red Face, White Back engraved hand painted set


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Red Face, White Back engraved hand painted set


This is a brand new set combination for Mah Jongg Maven!  The red faces are a bright cherry red (easy to read) and they have crisp white backs.    Our engraved tiles enhance the vividness of the colors on our unique tile faces setting them apart from basic “stamped” tiles.


Dimension of the tiles are:
1 3/16″ high, 7/8″ wide, 1/2″ deep.

This Two Layer Name Tile Set has 166 tiles, including 8  “Joker Tiles”, 4 extra flower tiles, and 2 blank tiles, and 8 optional Personalized Joker Tiles”.

We will PERSONALIZE (suggested limit of seven letters) your name or initials on the 8 optional ADDITIONAL  “Joker Tiles” for $6 a tile ($48.00 total).    Personalized jokers will be written in red ink diagonally from top left to bottom right in all capital letters.  For other requests, please call 888-860-1981


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