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LemonCello Engraved & Hand Painted Mah Jongg tiles


LemonCello Engraved & Hand Painted Mah Jongg tiles


This new solid yellow tile set is so pretty, we had a hard time finding what to call it to describe the color.   It is a pretty light yellow tile  (see pictures in gallery).  Buttercup, Butter Cream?    This set includes our  colorful suits that are engraved and hand painted with the unique Mah Jongg Maven  artistic suits/faces.

Each set comes with:  Dots/Cracks/Bams, 12 Unique Flowers, 12 Dragon Jokers. and Colorful Dragons plus 2 blanks and 8 blanks if you wish to Cusomize your Jokers.   We will hold your 8 tiles with your name on them for a year, if you would like them at time of purchase. please include a note.



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