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Mah Jongg Poem Tote Bag


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Mah Jongg Poem Tote Bag


This tote bag is perfect for your set, or anything you need to tote around with you.  The tote measures about 17 1/2 in. x 15 in. and has a zipper closure on top.  4 racks and your tiles will easily fit in this tote.

The poem reads

Pull up a chair, We’re on our way   The Mah Jongg Maven are ready to play                                                 Jokers are wild, the passing gos slow    We kibbitz a little, some gossip you know                                           Tiles are called, the wall is hot     There goes my bams and one six dot                                                            We laugh, we eat and have a good time    So what if we lose that one last dime!                                           We’re out with our friends for an evening out   But it wouldn’t hurt to give a shout                                             MAH JONGG!!!

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